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Thin 12 Compartment Box

Thin 12 Compartment Box


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I am tempted to keep these boxes a secret.

I keep my fly tying hooks in these boxes!
Each 12 compartment box handles one hook type very well.

What is different about these boxes are how the lids fit tight to the compartment, so hooks rarely migrate.
Of course, if you put the boxes on their sides and rattle down bumpy roads, you are asking for hooks to migrate.

One out of ten boxes may have a lid that is domed high enough to allow some hooks to migrate. Use these less effective boxes for screws, weights, larger beads, etc. I do use a couple boxes to carry flies and hooks while fishing.

I've tried all of the special purpose hook boxes and find every nice with their rounded bottoms allowing easy hook lift out, has sloppy lids that allow hooks to cascade through compartments.

Before this, I was using 20 compartment Spirit River boxes, that have stiff hard to open lids and still don't fit tight. To counter their looseness, I used wood spacers and stretch bands to hold the tops down tight; and hooks still migrated when the boxes fell on their sides.

I use magnetic cards in the bottoms of all the boxes to help control hooks; writing the make, model and size on the magnetic card and lid.
Date Added: 03/25/2018 by Ted K.
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